French Drainage Project

Big French Drainage Project at St Peter’s
Abbots Morton 2019

Nearly Done
Work has been progressing well on the project to replace the drains and guttering around the church to prevent damage from rising damp.

Throughout October the contractor has been digging up the grey concrete drains that run around the external walls of the North and South Naves.

They were installed in the 1950s when that form of drainage was in vogue but for some time they’ve not been fit for purpose as it was cracked and allowing water ingress.

The north wall inside the church in particular has been suffering from damp with paint peeling off it.

Those old drains have now been replaced with a French Drain gravel drainage system… a soakaway essentially.

Plastic rain water goods (ie gutters and drainpipes) are also being replaced in cast iron where necessary, to make the gutter system uniform and in keeping with a Grade 1 listed building of significant age.

A water butt which is used for local water needs will be replaced as it is currently a source of damp.

How Much
The scheme is costing £10,000, some of which will be met from the church’s own Reserve Fund, will be substantially depleted as a result.

We are grateful to the late Cyril Burton who left the church a bequest of £3,000 to be used for the benefit of the fabric of the church. His bequest has gone towards this project.

We are also grateful to Abbots Morton resident, Gill Barker, who has donated £1,500 to the project in memory of her late husband, Geoff. We also give thanks to a couple in the parish who have give £1,000 but who wish to remain anonymous.

Although there is no formal fundraising scheme, it’s hoped that parishioners may look favourably on the French Drain project and appreciate its vital importance to the future of the church building.

The Rector, Rev Richard Thorniley, will be very happy to speak to anyone who wishes to make a donation.

Who’s Doing the Work?
The work is being carried out by Ian Bishop, the stonemason from Tewkesbury who carried out the splendid repairs to the bell tower at St Peter’s which were completed in 2015.

He’s working under the same architect who oversaw the bell tower repairs… John Middleton of Nick Joyce Architects Ltd of Worcester.