Parish Paths Warden’s Report

Report on Activity 2018

I was appointed as Path Warden for the parish of Abbots Morton in early 2018. This report details the activities I have undertaken in that role during the year. It should be read in conjunction with the attached table.

Monitoring the footpaths
During the year I have monitored all 58 footpaths on at least two occasions apart from those on land associated with an investigation into a report of an aggressive dog which I was advised to avoid. In total I have carried out 166 visits to individual footpaths on more than 20 different days, representing over 60km travelled.

For the most part the footpaths were well maintained and easily passable. The table shows 10 paths where there are ongoing issues that were not resolved on the last occasion I monitored the path (also noted).

During the year I cleared vegetation on 541 and 543 on several occasions as well as around the stiles on 529 and 530. In addition I improved the signage at the north end of 547.

Other Activities
As well as monitoring the footpaths I attended Parish Council meetings on two occasions. Firstly in March to brief the Council on my role and listen to any points they wished to raise. Secondly in July to offer advice over making some of the footpaths more accessible.

I also attended training provided by Worcestershire CC regarding the role of the Path Warden and the safe use of strimmers.

Work carried out by Worcestershire CC
During the year the County Council has invested in the footpaths in the Parish by replacing a culvert and bridle-gate towards the west end of 558. They have also supplied two kissing gates for a landowner installation on 554 (south of Slade Wood) and organised a section of summer vegetation clearance following on from a report that I made.

Officers have recently carried out an inspection at New Farm regarding the report of aggressive dogs and found that suggested actions including moving the cages have not been taken. This issue is ongoing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the task of Path Warden and have already been out in the Parish on several occasions this year.

Noel Fowler
March 2019

PPW report 2018

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